Recent tranSTURM works

I have been contributing to art collective tranSTURM works for the Sydney Fringe Festival 2019 as well as Vivid Ideas Chatswood 2019. Currently LICHT_redux is on at SFF2019 for the next few days at Bay 43 The Rocks (Sept 5-8). Find the work in the SFF2019 Guide on p.93! The previous work with tranSTURM for Vivid Ideas in Chatswood, Lichtrythmus .05, has been documented on the tranSTURM website.


As I do not usually toot my horn over a work that is yet to be delivered, I’m not going to say much, but there will be a tranSTURM work dropping in late May for Vivid Ideas in Chatswood. The work will be a part of the Future Abstract exhibition. I might share some stills and all that once the job is sorted 🙂

New Website!

Gosh it’s been a while since I gave it some effort, and with some techincal issues the site was out of action for a few days too – so I hope that the new site is a reasonable change…there are still some additions to be made, but I will be staggering out the work over time, as the main reason I’ve not attended to this for a while is that


An exploration of the contrast between appliqué and bricolage in creation of Khayamiya, Pomegranate focuses on a common pattern within the form, repeating within 8 geometric sections. 5mins, 2017 The work considers the contrast between weaving and sewing as creative activities: Pomegranate attempts to return the khayamiya to a point of origin, artificially reuniting artifact with raw materials. As most of these craft items are not considered high art, there