Creative Work

My background in television informs my animated film work, which takes inspiration from motion graphic design practice. Over the years, I have worked in TVC, teleseries, brand communication, short film, and documentary formats. Areas of practice include 2D animation, motion graphics, non-linear editing, post production supervision, producing, directing, copywriting, and scriptwriting.

I bring over 20 years of experience of professional practice working across broadcast, narrowcast, cinema, web, and print destinations. I have always practiced as a fine artist concurrently to my commercial work.

My current work is primarily public art installation animation. Much of this is undertaken with art collective tranSTURM. Please visit the tranSTURM website to see full details of works by the collective.

Obsessive Possessives – Documentary, Dir. L. Achille, 2012


Obsessive Possessives is a film about collecting, from the perspective of a range of collectors. Rachel assisted with the fine cut and online of the project, as well as creating a range of animations for titles, credits, graphics and segways for the film. 

Apple of Iron – Animation, Dir. R. Walls, 2008


Apple of Iron had its interntional premiere at the Annecy International Festival of Animation, and has screened at a wide range of A-list festivals and further around Europe, Australasia and South America. It has since become subject of animation studies, been shown in fine art galleries and universities, and I have presented a wide range of lectures regarding the film over the last ten years.

The Naked Feminist – Documentary, Dir. L. Achille, 2004


The Naked Feminist is a long-format documentary that addresses female entrepeneurship in the adult film industry. Directed by Louisa Achille under Lush Lily Films and completed in 2004, the film had its international premiere at SXSW where it won the Emerging Visions audience choice award for documentary. The film went on to screen internationally at festivals, followed by museums and galleries, and has since found a home in a range of universites as a contributing educational tool. It continues to screen to this day, and is a film I am incredibly proud of, as it was constructed from a very diverse range of interviews, within a very fixed time frame, and with a lot of love. You can view the film online here.