An exploration of the contrast between appliqué and bricolage in creation of Khayamiya, Pomegranate focuses on a common pattern within the form, repeating within 8 geometric sections. 5mins, 2017 The work considers the contrast between weaving and sewing as creative activities: Pomegranate attempts to return the khayamiya to a point of origin, artificially reuniting artifact with raw materials. As most of these craft items are not considered high art, there

Marylka Project

The Marylka Project documents the fortunate escape of Maria Kamm and her family from Poland during the leadup to the Holocaust. Maria and her family were saved by a transit visa to Japan received from Chihune Sugihara, vice-consul of the Japanese Consulate in Kaunas. The story of Chihune Sugihara and the lives he saved by issuing transit visas is under-reported; and it is estimated that he saved almost 6,000 lives.